Required Documents

The following documents are necessary in order to enrol a child in the Nursery School:

  1. The child’s Certificate of Birth for Education Purposes as issued by the municipality where he is registered (not the Birth Certificate).
  2. Certificate of development, psychomotor development and ability of the child to participate in school activities, issued by a Paediatrician.
  3. The child’s Health Book.
  4. Personal health form (when enrolling in Nursery Class)
  5. Family Status Certificate. In the case of divorced or separated parents the Custody Declaration or Official Declaration No. 1599 / 86 must be provided by the parent who has custody.
  6. Photocopies of both parents’ Identification Cards or Passports.

In addition you will also be given the following forms by the School Management to complete:

  1. Application form
  2. Child’s history
  3. Official Declaration that the child is permitted to take part in activities off the school premises.
  4. Tax Number
  5. Parental Consent Form for photos or video to be posted on the Fotini Website


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