Experiential school

If you really want me to learn
don't tell me, show me and help me live it.
Give me the stimulus.
Motivate my interest.
Give me the proper ingredients.
Support me emotionally.
Activate my imagination.
Stimulate my inner motivation.
Respect my own pace.
Give me the responsibility.
Let me joyfully discover my own mistakes.
Show interest for my unusual thoughts.
Encourage my creativity. 
Trust my abilities.
Surround my efforts with love and laughter.
Offer me an environment of love and joy.
Help me organize and elaborate my own experiences and I promise you, I will learn.
In the companion of our friends and teachers we learn:
By planting.
By cooking.
By experimenting.
By solving puzzles.
By making relationships and discovering our emotions.
By creating with our hands and all our body.
By asking for knowledge and beauty in places with a natural, artistic and educational interest.



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