Time for school

At the school I want to go to, I will be greeted with a warm smile that will reach deep into my soul and make me feel safe.

I hope that everyone at the school will:

– see me in a positive light and recognize me as a unique child.

– give me the opportunity to express what I want and what I think.

– love and work well with my parents.

– have lots of toys and activities on hand for countless hours of experimentation and entertainment.

– help me understand all the wonderful things that exist and happen every day around me.

– help me understand how I feel, what I do and don’t like, what I am good at, and how the people around me are feeling.

– help me become the great person I feel inside me that I am.

Paul Klee – Lemon Harvest, 1937

“Fotini” Nursery School
Address: Solonos 46 & Athinas 48
174 55, Alimos (Kalamaki)
Tel: 210 9851502 – 9851394
Email: info@fotini.gr