Fotini, Nursery School

We accommodate:
♦ Alimos (Kalamaki) ♦ P. Faliro ♦ N. Smyrni ♦ Moschato ♦ Kallithea ♦ Koukaki (Athens)
♦ N. Kosmos ♦ Dafni ♦ Agios Dimitrios ♦ Kato Ilioupoli ♦ Arguroupoli ♦ Hellenikon ♦ Glyfada


Infant class (6 – 18, 18 – 24 months)

The first major transition…

The infants that participate in this class experience the same love, care, interest, affection and sense of security that they enjoy in their home environment. A valuable emotional bond is made with their teacher, who creates emotional security and ensures their proper development

Integration and Adaptation

Starting at Nursery School marks the beginning of a new phase, not only in the life of the child but also for the whole family.

A new reality in which the child leaves the close-knit and very much protected family environment and takes his first steps in a miniature society as is a Nursery School.

Our facilities

All classes from Infants through to Nursery are held on the privately-owned and purpose-built premises. The facilities are designed to strict ergonomic and bioclimatic standards, hygiene, safety, passive and active fire protection and with technological infrastructure.

Our Team

Our people at Fotini believe in a student-centered education and visualize a creative school. They recognize themselves as an equal member of a group, which operates with respect, knowledge, love and affection, encourages the unique characteristics …

Children’s thoughts

How do we express ourselves when:

– Imagination dominates
– We still use divergent thinking
– We are innocent and spontaneous

They give us strength…

We will never forget the games, hugs and love we experienced at Fotini’s school. Thank you very much.

– D.F.

Parents know their children very well. Teachers know childhood very well. So when parents and teachers work together with honesty and good will, they achieve their goal, which is none other than the healthy and balanced up-bringing of the children.
Stand by each child’s side. Acknowledge and respect the beauty and utility of their unique personality and help them grow, the way they can and want to grow.

“Fotini” Nursery School
Address: Solonos 46 & Athinas 48
174 55, Alimos (Kalamaki)
Tel: 210 9851502 – 9851394