Children’s thoughts

The magical world of childrens thoughts

ΜA couple more months make a difference

A little girl (4 years old) asks her friend (3 and a half years old)
– What’s your dad’s name?
– Dad.
– No, no! I meant your dad’s name!
– Ιt’s dad! She starts to get a bit frustrated, then regains her patience and explains
– My dad’s name is Costas. What’s your dad’s name?
– My dad’s name is dad!

When the group’s sweet tooth has a great argument

The children make a list of things they need from the bookstore to make carnival decorations. Everyone has something to suggest.

PHOEBUS: Let’s buy the book of Tselementes (with cooking recipes)

EVERYBODY: The Tselementes book is for food, not for handicrafts.

PHOEBUS: No, it is also for candy. If we buy it we can make a desert for our carnival celebration!!!

We ‘re rich!

Two kids draw and chat happily. Suddenly, George, holding a yellow marker draws a line on the paper, then seems surprised and yells at his friend

  • Philip, this marker’s ink is gold. We are rich!
Second thoughts

Emmanuela is playing with building material and is trying to make a TV. Maria wants to play with her.

MARIA: Can I help you?

EMMANUELA: No, no! I want to build the television for the baby by myself. I can!

MARIA: Yes, but if it was real, you would want help

I am not thirsty

The teacher passes next to Dimitris and splatters her wet hands on him.

DIMITRIS: Smaragda, what are you doing?

TEACHER: I wanted to cool you off a little

DIMITRIS: But, Smaragda, I am not thirsty!

Composting bin (divergent thinking)

We presented a composting bin to the nursery class.

Enjoy their answers to the question “What does this object look like?”

– A dog’s house

– A giant

– a rocket

– a mountain

– a fruit bowl

– a box with toys

– a giant’s skirt

– a rock

– an igloo

– a small village

Searching for the truth

It’s very early in the morning and a 3 year old girl is playing, yelling.

TEACHER: Adamantia, please be guiet. The neighbours are still sleeping.

After a while, Adamantia is inspecting the beds (which are empty) and mumbles: But, where is Neighbors? She was lying to me…

Paul: A figure in front of a red circle (J. MIRO)

It looks like some tubes are fired from the sewer and an entertaining trampoline jumps up.

Marilia: Inner red (H. MATISSE)

I like it because it has a lot of red and it creates love

Helen: The girl with the pigeon (P. PICASSO)

I like it because they are happy. They are holding each other and are staring at each other with love.

Vasiliki: The Smile of the Flamboyant Wings (J. MIRO)

It’s a little kid who flies his kite and it slips away because it’s windy.

Nikoleta: Flowers (Α. WARHOL)Flowers (Α. WARHOL)

This paiting has many flowers and colors and makes me want to roll on the grass

Nikos: Soft-Hard (W. KANDINSKY)

It makes me travel. It has a lot of blue and it reminds me of the sea. I see a boat and a huge fish that is looking at the boat. It think it is in danger.

Harry: The goldfish (P. KLEE)

It’s dark, deep in the ocean but luckily there is the goldfish which glows and everyone can see.

Melina: Pastor (P. Klee)

It’s a man with a boat on his head.

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