Lending Library

Books are an essential supplement to education both at home and at school and contribute to the formation of conscience and critical thinking, both of which are necessary for progress and development. As we believe in the importance of co-operation between the school and the family and in creating a positive impression of reading, our lending library was set up with the following goals:

  1. To help the children develop a love of reading and to recognize books as an irreplaceable source of pleasure and knowledge.
  2. To cover a variety of developmental needs:
    • Language Acquisition
    • Development of imagination
    • Maintaining an emotional balance
    • Gaining knowledge about the world and natural environment
    • Aesthetic and cultural awareness
  3. To initiate the children into the workings of a library and the whole system of borrowing books, from the filling out of a library card to the return-by dates and the keeping of borrowed books in pristine condition.

At present our library holds approximately 700 books, covering a wide range of subjects and titles are constantly being added. The library can also be used by parents as well.

Θάλεια Φλωρά Καραβία – Αγόρι που διαβάζει, 1906

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