Our Expert Advisors

School Psychologist
Our School Psychologist, Dr. Evangelia Koufidaki, follows the socio-emotional development of the child in conjunction with the teachers and is available for private meetings with the parents which can be scheduled as required.

Family Counsellor
Psychologist and Family Counsellor Dr. Menlaos Kanakis, who specialises in therapeutic intervention, offers a series of informative lectures aiming to inform, answer and guide parents towards successfully dealing with problems concerning parents’ relationships with their children.

Our Paediatrician Dr Anna Glitsi visits the school three times a month for check-ups.

Speech Therapist
Recognizing the basic importance that speech and communication play in the smooth development of children, we work closely with Dr. Theodora Bontsiou, a member of the Panhellenic Society of Speech Therapists.

We aim to foresee speech and communication difficulties during the pre-school years, in other words the early detection of possible difficulties and the prompt therapy for solving them (covering comprehension and understanding of both the spoken word and sentence formation). For this reason we have put one more valuable tool into the hands of our teachers by joining the AnOmilo 4 Programme (Test for the detection of Speech Abnormalities in children aged 3.9 to 4.6 years)

Paediatric Dentist
Oral Hygiene is of vital importance from infancy. Our teeth enable us to chew food, form words correctly and shape our face. The first dental check should take place around the child’s first birthday and involves giving advice on a complete preventative programme and in sowing the seeds of positive habits in children. Τhe quality of this experience is vital importance, so the child feels safe and at ease.

Our Paediatric Dentist, Dr. Triantafillos Triantafillou visits the school twice a year for check-ups. We hope that this will help children reach adulthood without serious dental problems.

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