Since the very beginning of “Fotini” our goal has been to create a place specially tailored to the needs of the children who spend so much time there.

We made sure we built a space that serves the educational, entertainment and play needs a child has, as well as being able to offer pedagogical activities and everything else deemed necessary for a child. However, above all we felt it was necessary to focus on creating a place where the child would feel at home and be able to move about safely.

We believe that the operation of the school thus far demonstrates that we moved in the right direction, minimizing the risk of accidents.

This effort for us is never-ending. We take care to identify potential risks, improve infrastructure and to keep accidents at zero rates.

But believing that, either at school, at home or anywhere else, the risk can not be eliminated completely, we were led to another step. Namely to insure each child individually in the case of minor accidents that might happen at school, during trips and educational visits or during transportation to and from home.

This contract is valid for the entire school year and covers the costs of care for your child.

We hope that the above contract will never be used thanks to the efforts of the Management and the school staff while your child is in our care. With many thanks.

Fernando Botero – Family scene, 1969

“Fotini” Nursery School
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174 55, Alimos (Kalamaki)
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