Foreign Languages

Lessons are offered in both English and French (Pre-nursery & Nursery), which aim to develop very basic communication skills, with the correct pronunciation.

English is integrated as a language of communication throughout the school on a daily basis. The basic idea is to also use English in every aspect of the child’s school life, from organised activities through playtime to mealtimes. Our English teacher, Mrs. Genine Lowe, assists our existing educators with the curriculum already in place, but communicates solely in English. Thus a need for real every day communication is created, which in turn leads to an effortless assimilation and use of English. The theory of the programme is simple: just as a child growing up in a bilingual family develops a natural feel for both languages, similarly our pupils pick up English in a non-intrusive and natural way. Simply put, we hear, we take it in, and then we talk.

The teaching of French starts in the Pre-Nursery class and continues through the Nursery Class (Preparatoire level). A basic vocabulary, acquired through play, activities and songs with emphasis on correct pronunciation, gives the children the ability to understand and communicate in simple French.

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